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Some pictures of parts of the brewing process while making a Sweetwater 420 Clone

Frankie With a Treat, Yeast Farming, Chuck and his Ball, New Door Bell Installed, Measuring Malt for Brewing, Kitty and Chuck Wrestling, Pictures of Chuck and BBQ Brisket and Hanging Out in the Basement.

I finally got around to getting the pictures off the camera. There are 7 new galleries from the last half of 2009.
Pictures of Chuck Around the House @ 3 Months Old
John and Angela's Wedding - July 11, 2009
New Contrete Walkway to Garage
Russian Imperial Stout Blowing Off - Contains Pictures and Movies
Chuck In the Basement @ 6 Months Old
Catherine's 30th Birthday Suprise at SLU
Christmas Season Pictures 2009

Here are some select photos of happenings in the last few months since the last update.

I added another photo gallery. This one has pictures of me brewing an all grain English Pale Ale, a picture of the dog who woke up from a nap to see what I was doing, some pictures of some grain that didn't get crushed very well by a grain mill and some pictures of the method that I used to crush the grain. Also, some pictures of the cat who for once wasn't eating bubble wrap.

pictures from some of the new snow we got when I was driving home from the twin cities one evening; and pictures of the home brew we opened one day early to celebrate Cathy's good news about matching in Nerosurgery. Yea!!! NOTE: Cathy didn't have any because she was on call :-(.

Pictures taken in late November and December of 2007. We have some pictures of Cathy and her sister Leta, pictures from our first beer brew and some of the house with the snow here in Rochester, Minnesota.

For now, enjoy this picture of Cathy at the airport in SanFran.: